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Tarot Prompt #1

Protagonist: Knight of Wands
Keywords – Departure, absence, flight, emigration. A dark young man, friendly. Change of residence; A proposal
“Creative and dynamic, the Knight of Wands is an innovator and likes to do thing his way. He inspires those around him and is excellent at networking to promote his ideas. He may be a traveler or a visitor, and he will have had many experiences and stories to tell. He is, however, impatient to get things done and can make snap judgments about people based on first impressions.”

Antagonist: King of Swords, reversed
Keywords – Cruelty, evil intentions, perversity, barbarity, breach of faith; An ambitious man
“You may be dealing with someone who plays mind games and who will do almost anything to win.”

Sidekick: Knight of Pentacles
Keywords – Utility, serviceable, interest, rectitude, responsibility; Improving prosperity
“As a person, this Knight is loyal and dependable. He is a natural protector, and security is very important to him. He may work in property or finance.”

*Two Knights = Friendship if upright

Act 1: Judgement
Keywords – Change of position, renewal, outcome; Assessment, letting go of the past
“It is time to come to a decision about the past. Great changes and opportunities are on the horizon, but before you can decide on your direction, certain past issues need to be addressed. This process is purely about how you judge yourself on your past actions and attitudes. In the upright position, Judgment shows you will feel you have acted with integrity and did the best you could. As you accept yourself fully, you can blow your own trumpet and praise yourself for your achievements. An additional meaning is being in the public eye, hence Fame, the card’s alternative title.

Judgment also predicts a spiritual awakening, as you feel called to explore your potential. You have learned much about yourself in this most recent phase and are ready to go further, developing your spiritual connection with your guides and angels. As you receive guidance on your path, your confidence and wisdom will grow.”

Act 2: The Hierophant, reversed
Keywords – Society, good understanding, concord, over-kindness, weakness
“When reversed, the Hierophant shows poor leadership. You may be misled by an incompetent or egotistic individual at work or on your spiritual path. This is the cards of the bad guru—the judgmental teacher who is more interested in furthering his ambitions than supporting you in yours. In work, the Hierophant reversed can also show institutions that need restructuring: poor advice, mistrust, and wrong decisions with moral repercussions. It is better to seek your own path than to stay with a mentor or plan that doesn’t suit your needs. Be a free spirit.”

Act 3: Death, reversed
Keywords – Inertia, sleep, lethargy, petrifaction, somnambulism
“Death reversed, has virtually the same meaning as the card in the upright position, but the difference is in your reaction. You may feel anxious and stressed unable to comprehend what is happening, rather than being accepting. When Death is reversed, the universe is telling you that there is no way back—a relationship cannot be mended, or an employer won’t change their mind.”

Plot Point 1: Four of Swords, reversed
Keywords – Wise administration, circumspection, economy, avarice, precaution, testament; Rest, passivity, quiet time
“When the Four of Swords reverses, the time-out message is enforced—so you may have to take time away from work or other responsibilities due to influences out of your control. Unfortunately, there is little you can do to alter this situation, so you must surrender to events. This is a phase, and the message is to find peace. Use the time positively. You may need to rethink your working arrangements or come to terms with changes in a relationship, particularly if you live apart from a partner or potential love.”

Plot Point 2: Six of Swords
Keywords – Journey by water, route, way, envoy, commissionary, expedient; Moving on
“The Six of Swords shows you moving on from a situation or relationship and enjoying a period of peace and harmony. This may manifest mentally rather than physically, as you take a more detached approach, distancing yourself from drama and complication. This gives you an opportunity to rest and recharge; it may lead you to explore a new environment or make a spiritual discovery.

In work, the card can show travel as part of your role (and respite from the office or other workplace), and in relationships the card commonly shows two people spending time apart. More negatively, the interpretation is a relationship ending (look for accompanying cards such as the Three of Swords or the reversed VI – Lovers, for validation). This ending may be positive or negative, depending on your situation.

On a more literal note, the card can simply show taking a break from work or your usual environment, and you may travel, possibly on a trip overseas. When the Six of Swords appears with major arcana cards VII – Chariot for progress, and XIII – Death for transition, a more permanent move is suggested, so the combination can be interpreted as emigration or a long period of travel. If we see the three figures on the card as a family rather than ferryman and passengers, the card suggests a major move for two or more people.”

Climax: Three of Pentacles
Keywords – Trade and Skilled Labor; Enterprise and Success
“The upright meaning of the Three of Pentacles is rewarding work. It often shows you are ready to let your talents shine in public…In domestic affairs, the card can predict building or improvement work to your home or putting a property up for sale. The Three of Pentacles is also a good card for creatives, predicting that projects will be finished and appreciated. The work may also be displayed in a public space.

According to tarot scholar Jonathan Dee, the Three of Pentacles is sometimes called the Architect, which means you establish a lasting enterprise, a project that ’causes you to stand head and shoulders above both friends and enemies alike.’ downside, of course, as you succeed and become visibly successful, is the touch of envy you may sense around you; it may feel uncomfortable, as you’re not used to negative attention. This jealousy, as with elements, of all minor arcana cards, is transitory and will not dint your confidence or harm your progress. Detractors can only make you stronger.”

Deck used: The Rider Waite Tarot Deck
Spread: Three-Act Spread from Tarot for Writers by Corrine Kenner
Card Descriptions: The Ultimate Tarot Guide by Liz Dean

You can approach this prompt in three ways: 1) go off the card’s meaning using the keywords and descriptions I provided, 2) ignore those descriptions, using the images alone to inspire you, or 3) use a combination of both the images and the descriptions to influence your story. Or, you can approach it in whichever method your muse gets excited about. That really is the point here, after all: to have fun with your writing and to just let it come without putting too much stress into it.

Remember: Even if what you come up with doesn’t make sense, keep it and come back to it later. If your muse is like mine then it most likely enjoys giving you puzzle pieces that need to be fit together over time rather than the whole story all at once. You never know what will connect your pieces together, so don’t trash something just because it doesn’t seem to go anywhere right away.