Inspiration Dice Prompt #9

Inspiration Dice Prompt #9 | Paperback LoverInspiration Dice

Yellow = Genre
Blue = Character
Pink = Character Traits
Red = Plot
Green = Action

Though these dice are more specific than the story dice and seem more intimidating, try your best to let go of any nerves or fears that you’re feeling and just let you’re imagination take over. That might be what I love about these dice the most, they force you out of your comfort zone faster than any other writing exercise. But, like I’ve said before, our brains are amazing, storytelling machines and they will find a way to make these seemingly unrelated words come together to make a story. It might not be the best story, but it will be a story.

Feel free to approach the plot and action dice however you feel comfortable. Pick your top three plot dice and use those to follow a three-act story structure. Use all five and allow how the dice landed to dictate how the events unfold. Let the orientation of the action dice dictate the outcome of that action: right-side up elicits a positive outcome, upside down brings about mayhem, sideways confusion. However you choose to approach it, the point of this exercise is to let go and let what happens happen. The point is to have fun and write without worrying about the outcome.

Remember: Even if what you come up with doesn’t make sense, keep it and come back to it later. If your muse is like mine then it most likely enjoys giving you puzzle pieces that need to be fit together over time rather than the whole story all at once. You never know what will connect your pieces together, so don’t trash something just because it doesn’t seem to go anywhere right away.

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