Music Prompt #23

Shorter 15 minute option:

Start by listening. You don’t have to listen all the way through, but do give yourself some time to really listen. Close your eyes, if you’re comfortable doing so, put on your headphones, and listen. Allow yourself to really feel the music and immerse yourself in what you’re hearing. Once you’re ready, start writing.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a story, start by writing a list of words the music makes you think of. Is it calming, energetic, creepy? Does it make you think of a specific place, person, or genre? What type of person can you imagine listening to this kind of music?

Remember: Even if all you come up with for now is a description, keep it and come back to it later. If your muse is like mine then it most likely enjoys giving you puzzle pieces that need to be fit together over time rather than the whole story all at once. You never know what will connect your pieces together, so don’t trash something just because it doesn’t seem to go anywhere right away.

0:00 – The Trail
2:51 – Geralt of Rivia
5:15 – Eredin, King of the Hunt
7:45 – Wake Up, Ciri
9:21 – Aen Seidhe
11:59 – Commanding the Fury
14:09 – Emhyr var Emreis
16:41 – Spikeroog
19:49 – King Bran’s Final Voyage
22:03 – Silver for Monsters…
24:25 – Whispers of Oxenfurt
27:02 – The Nightingale
28:43 – City of Intrigues
30:52 – The Hunter’s Path
33:46 – Widow-maker
35:58 – Kaer Morhen
38:35 – Eyes of the Wolf
40:41 – Witch Hunters
43:24 – …Steel for Humans (Lazare)
44:53 – Fate Calls
46:53 – The Vagabond
49:43 – Cloak and Dagger
52:31 – Forged in Fire
54:37 – Yes, I Do…
56:13 – Welcome, Imlerith
59:00 – Drink Up, There’s More!
1:00:38 – After the Storm
1:02:11 – Blood on the Cobblestones
1:04:16 – Farewell, Old Friend
1:07:10 – The Song of the Sword-Dancer
1:09:25 – The Hunt is Coming
1:11:32 – The Fields of Ard Skellig
1:14:44 – Ladies of the Woods
1:16:37 – Merchants of Novigrad
1:19:48 – Hunt or Be Hunted

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