Music Prompt #8

Start by listening. You don’t have to listen all the way through, but do give yourself some time to really listen. Close your eyes, if you’re comfortable doing so, put on your headphones, and listen. Allow yourself to really feel the music and immerse yourself in what you’re hearing. Once you’re ready, start writing.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a story, start by writing a list of words the music makes you think of. Is it calming, energetic, creepy? Does it make you think of a specific place, person, or genre? What type of person can you imagine listening to this kind of music?

Remember: Even if all you come up with for now is a description, keep it and come back to it later. If your muse is like mine then it most likely enjoys giving you puzzle pieces that need to be fit together over time rather than the whole story all at once. You never know what will connect your pieces together, so don’t trash something just because it doesn’t seem to go anywhere right away.

Little Birthday Girl 00:00:00
Your Own Bow 00:01:00
Fate and Destiny 00:02:37
Elinor’s Court 00:04:18
Secret Cakes 00:05:41
Clans Have Accepted 00:06:10
Four Sons’ Tale 00:07:04
Listen 00:08:03
Clans Arrive 00:10:20
Remember to Smile 00:11:14
Lords’ Entrance 00:12:20
The Suitors 00:12:57
Brawl 00:14:31
Brawl Some More 00:15:07
The Games 00:15:55
Archery Competition 00:17:49
I Am Merida 00:18:58
Merida Rides 00:20:26
Why Here? 00:23:29
Witch’s Cottage 00:23:47
Tray For Mum 00:28:13
Bear Transformation 00:28:50
Party 00:31:26
Castle Bear Hunt 00:31:38
Through the Castle 00:31:40
Locked Out 00:35:34
Mum Waddles Off 00:37:08
Mend the Bond 00:38:00
What to Do 00:40:14
Noble Maiden Fair (Instrumental Version) 00:41:23
Breakfast Courtly Music 00:43:15
Hungry Mum 00:44:13
Mum Goes Wild 00:45:05
Mor’Du Attack 00:46:33
This Means War 00:50:56
Legends Are Lessons 00:52:39
In Her Heart 00:54:11
Bear Discovered 00:56:53
Get the Key 1:00:31
To the Rescue 1:02:10
Bear Fight 1:04:11
All My Fault (Instrumental Version) 01:06:07
We’ve Both Changed 01:08:57
Brave Trailer Theme 01:10:02

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