Skull Mountain: Keeping a Low Profile Carousing Table

Use a d12 to determine what happens to your character after a night of not so drunken debauchery. This table is meant for a character who is trying their best not to get into trouble, but does anyways.

For those who don’t know, the “XP” that is referenced throughout refers to “experience”, the system that determines how your character “levels up”. For writing purposes, you can either choose to ignore this or use it to determine the outcome of the experience (so, if the situation gives the character experience, then the outcome of the situation is ultimately good and your character has learned something from it).

1: Attempted Robbery!
You are set upon by footpads in a darkened alley. Roll a Luck check. On a success, you drive off the robbers without serious injury. On a failure, you are badly beaten and robbed blind: lose all coin and treasure, and roll a Luck check for each magical item in your possession. On a failed check, that item has also been stolen. Gain 10 XP either way, plus 1 XP for each 100gp stolen (rounded up) plus 10 XP for each magical item stolen.

2-6: Nice and Quiet.
Your time has been uneventful, perhaps too uneventful for an adventurer to tolerate. Perhaps you need a bit more excitement in your life…

7: Like a Native.
After all your quiet skulking about town, you know the place like a native. You gain a +2 to your roll on any Carousing Table, should you choose to make one.

8-10: Listening to the Graybeards Prattle On.
In your tedium, you find yourself listening to the old gray bearded fools who prattle on about the deeds of younger and bolder men. You hear 1 random rumor from the Rumor Table.

11: Religious Experience.
Bored and with little to occupy your time, you find yourself spending a fair amount of time with the crazed fanatics and charlatans in the Bazaar of the Gods. Roll on the Bazaar of the Gods table.

12: Inadvertent Blasphemies.
Completely unexpectedly, and quite by accident, you find yourself entangled in some dark, eldritch doing. Roll on the Dark Arts table, but take a +5 to your roll.

Source: 2 Orcs Walk into a Bar